Decoding The Brand Vs Performance Dilemma

September 08, 2023

04:00 PM - 04:30 PM

Virtual Meeting - Zoom Platform,
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With a career spanning over 15 years, Gaurang Thosani has amassed significant experience in the fields of digital marketing and e-sales. Presently, he holds the role of Head of Digital Marketing and E-Sales at Royal Sundaram General Insurance, where his contributions have led to exceptional outcomes in customer acquisition and retention.

Throughout his professional journey, Gaurang has held successful positions in prominent organizations, contributing meaningfully to their successes. Notably, he has been associated with respected names such as HSBC, DBS, and ICICI Prudential before assuming his current position at Royal Sundaram.

Gaurang's expertise primarily revolves around digital marketing and e-sales. He has been successful in optimizing customer experiences, fostering brand engagement, and executing effective digital campaigns. Grounded in a comprehensive grasp of the digital landscape, he employs data-driven insights to fine-tune marketing strategies, yielding heightened business growth and a solid brand presence.