Webinar On Artificial Intelligence In Advertising Creativity ! Is It Real Or A Fad ?

July 10, 2020

04:00 PM - 08:00 PM


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The Session will be Moderated By

Mr Anil K Nair, CEO
VMLY&R, India


P G Aditiya, NCD
Dentsu WebChutney

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Will AI replace the traditional Copywriter / Art Director in an agency set up? Dentsu developed AICO –AI Copywriter in short which is capable of generating vast amounts of copy at a single command. One can feed the machine on the tonality of the copy like Emotional, Promotional etc and just click Produce Copy and within minutes one could have close to 20,000 options to choose from . Sounds surreal ! Will algorithms drive creativity in advertising?

To chat about the shifts happening and to tell us if these kind of experimentation are for real or a distant dream.